Information for incoming 8th Graders! FAQ


Band at Victor J. Andrew High School


Frequently asked Questions:


  1. How do I register for band?
    1. Your schedule will have some required courses to take your freshmen year. Band will serve as an elective.
    2. Unless you take a 0 hour, you MIGHT not have room for it.
    3. As a freshmen, Tell your councilor “I would like to register for band”


  1. Do I have to audition?
    1. No, at that point, you will be automatically placed into the 0 hour Concert Band.


  1. Should I audition?
    1. I think you should at least try. If you do audition, you place yourself in an opportunity to move into the Symphonic Band or Wind Symphony. 
    2. Yes, the music is difficult. However, this is not the type of music you will play on every day in band but you will gain the skills necessary to play music like that as you participate in the program.


  1. Do I have to be in marching band?
    1. Unless you participate in an ANDREW HIGH SCHOOL fall sport, you get to be in one of the best marching bands in the state.


  1. When is registration?
    1. Registration is on February 2nd, 2013.


  1. How can I get my questions about band asked?
    1. Contact Mr. Iwinski at...
      2. Office number: 708-342-5938


  1. If I don’t do band this year, can I do it next year?
    1. Yes, but it is typically very difficult to come back after leaving it. We build a lot of camaraderie throughout the summer and fall season and it is a big part of the program. 


  1. I don’t feel that I am ready for high school band!
    1. Believe me! YOU ARE! Everything that involves change is difficult. You will go through a big change simply coming to high school. Band helps you make that change! 


  1. Do I get a grade for band?
    1. YES! You are rewarded with academic credit for being in band at VJA.


  1. What about percussion?
    1. As a percussionist, you will join “percussion class” which meets during your lunch hour and serves as your homeroom.