Community Show Update...Check Your Email Often On Saturday!


Hello Marching Thunderbolt families,


I am writing this post hoping the following does not occur, however the forecast for Saturday does not look favorable for our community show. In the unfortunate event the weather does not allow us to perform outside, please know we will follow these procedures. 1. We will call off the performance via email on Saturday morning/early afternoon, however the kids will rehearse up until 6:00 PM. (We have plenty we can do indoors to work our show up to an even higher level of performance) 2. If the performance is called off, it is because we do not have an adequate performance space INDOOR to do the show. The main gym floor is being repaired, the auditorium is booked, and the south gym will not allow for you to hear anything other than loud, brash, and potentially harmful sound. 3. We will reschedule the show for Saturday, November 3rd at 7PM after we conclude business with the craft fair for the day. This will serve as a Grand Nationals send off show.


If the weather does clear up, and you hear nothing from me, you can safely assume the performance is still on for outside and we will go forward as planned with our day on Saturday. Please feel free to email me with any questions regarding these plans and I would be glad to clarify! Here's hoping we have a great (and dry) show on Saturday!


All the best,


Mr. I